Ganglion Cyst Home Treatment

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This is unlikely to be effective and can lead to infection. Ganglion cyst care at mayo clinic.

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The majority of ganglion cysts.

Ganglion cyst home treatment. Also don t try to pop the cyst yourself by puncturing it with a needle. The size of the lumps can range from pea size to nearly an inch in diameter. Ganglion cysts can by as small as a pea or up to nearly an inch in diameter.

It appears as a sac or lump of fluid. A ganglion cyst is a common benign noncancerous fluid filled lump found on joints or tendons. They usually form over a joint or tendon in the fingers wrists ankles or soles of the feet.

A ganglion cyst is a common noncancerous fluid filled lump found on joints or tendons. Ganglion cysts also known as bible cysts or bible bumps are small round sacs or lumps filled with a viscous synovial fluid. A ganglion cyst is a small sac of fluid that forms over a joint or tendon tissue that connects muscle to bone.

You can go to your doctor who will insert a big needle and drain the cyst ouch you can have surgery expensive and painful double ouch or the old folk remedy is to hit it with the family bible triple ouch. Therefore the cysts may be spongy or firm. Medically reviewed by gerhard whitworth r n.

Ganglion cyst home treatment. This isn t a good solution because the force of the blow can damage surrounding structures in your hand or foot. Although you can get them near any joint 60 to 70 percent of ganglion cysts.

If your ganglion cyst is causing you problems your doctor may suggest trying to drain the cyst with a needle. An old home remedy for a ganglion cyst consisted of thumping the cyst with a heavy object. I haven t tried the surgery or the family bible remedy but i have had a ganglion.

The size of the ganglion cyst may vary from pea sized to an inch in diameter. Women especially at the age of 20 to 40 are the most susceptible to this ailment. If you have a ganglion cyst on your hand or foot the treatments can be painful if not dire.

A ganglion cyst is filled with a sticky thick colorless clear and jelly like material. Generally ganglion cysts form over a joint in the wrists ankles fingers shoulders elbows knees or soles of the feet. Removing the cyst surgically also is an option.

These forms of treatment are no longer suggested however because they have not been shown to keep the ganglion cysts from returning and could in fact cause further injury. Most people resort to ganglion cyst home treatment and are healed in a short span of time. But if you have no symptoms no treatment is necessary.

Inside the cyst is a thick sticky clear colorless jellylike material. In many cases the cysts go away on their own.

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