How To Open A Coconut At Home

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The bast hood is really strong so make your slices thin. Once the shell is cracked take the coconut out of the oven and put it in a plastic bag.

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Then bake the coconut in the oven at 375 f 190 c for 10 minutes or until a crack forms in the shell.

How to open a coconut at home. Corkscrew hammer butter knife. Be sure to do this over a large bowl to catch the sweet coconut water as it drains from the open coconut. The coconut is surrounded by a large cover of bast which we must get rid of before we can open the coconut.

Next wrap the coconut in a kitchen towel. To do so hammer thin slices into the bast hood of the coconut picture 1. To open a coconut start by poking a hole in the top with a knife and draining out all the water.

Find the three dark eyes on the top of the coconut. Pry the white coconut meat from the shell by using a small flexible knife. Usually if a recipe calls for coconut we simply go to the pantry and pull out a bag of shredded coconut.

Holding with one hand tap it with the back of a cleaver or chef s knife or hit it with a hammer in the same place several times before prying it open. In this tutorial i show you the simplest way to crack a coconut in half and remove its flesh if you try this at home please let me know how it works out. I bought a coconut today most people avoid whole coconut in the store because they don t know how easy it will be to open it when they get home.

This is a f. But if you ve got fresh coconut o. Twist the corkscrew into the largest eye and pull out a plug of coconut flesh like you would a wine cork insert a straw to drink the water or turn coconut upside down on a glass to drain.

How to open a mature coconut tools needed. How to de shell the coconut meat. Separate the coconut meat from the shell with a spoon.

If you finished hammering your slice rip it off picture 2 and 3. With the coconut open you can then use a hammer to break the hard outer shell into smaller pieces to get at the meat. Remove the coconut and set it aside until it s cool enough to touch.

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